DumpTek is a niche software for the construction materials transportation industry, converting data from the field to a company’s invoicing and payroll systems, saving time and money for trucking companies.

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In order for this app to be a viable product for the market, we needed to work closely to understand what drivers and managers expect. Our digital ticket design is akin to the existing workflow so drivers are naturually able to use the app without any trouble.

Another important challenge was to have correct time calculations for invoicing and tracking employee hours. As we needed managers to have the ability to generate reliable reports with a click of a button.

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We partnered with DumpTek to help revolutionize the construction materials transport industry. We understood the pain pain points and helped create an app that improve trucking company operations and reducing costs.

Currently, many drivers are still filling out paper forms. This has many downsides, such as: redundant data points, prone to user error, difficult to track, and takes too much time.

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